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James Vaulkhard is a painter and sculptor based between London and Kenya.


img_8363James was born in Kenya, and later moved to the UK to study History of Art at Leeds University and then fine art and the statutory arts in Florence. He has produced work for group and solo shows, as well as for private collectors, which has taken him from Europe, to the US and Asia. He continues to travel and work between Kenya and the UK. James works in many different mediums today. James had a classical foundation, which one can see in much of his work but he has an unorthodox style which comes from constantly pushing himself to experiment with new techniques and narratives. “My work is a result of my journey to understand art and how we as humans perceive the world around us. I enjoy exploring the philosophy or language of art by experimenting with different techniques, mediums and narratives.”

“(His) paintings seek to evoke the soul; they transform the viewer. We are on a verge of a seismic shift in consciousness which will bring his work to the forefront of developments. ” – George H Lewis


 2017 November- The Unit Gallery, Covent Garden, London
2017 September/October- Le Dame Art Gallery at Melia White House, Regents Park, London
2017 June- Framers Gallery, Fitzrovia, London
2017 June- The Rose & Kings Gallery, Mayfair, London
2017 June – The 57th Venice Biennale, Viva Arte Viva. Venice Art House
2017 March- The Other Art Fair, London
2016 September- Out of the Ordinary, Christies
2016 September- Art for Youth, Mall Galleries
2016 June- Artbelow’s Queen Themed, The Tabernacle, London (celebating Elizabeth’s ll 90th)
2016 March- Artbelow’s Bondage, South Palace Hotel, London
2016 February- Brick lane Gallery, London
2015 December- Oil & Water Gallery, London
2015 August- Galleria Pall Mall summer show, London
2015 July -Artbelow group show, Muse Gallery, London
2015 February- Art of Angel, Candid art trust, London
2014 December- Group show, Studio141, London
2014 December- Oil & Water Gallery, London
2014 September- Framers Gallery, Fitzrova, London
2014 August- Sargent today, Fairford, UK
2014 June- Artbelow’s Summer show, Westbank Gallery, London
2014 February- Artbelow’s Stations of the Cross, Marylebone Parish Church
2013 October -Oil & Water Gallery, London
2013 June- Solo show, Studio141, London
2012- Solo show, Muthagia club, Nairobi, Kenya
2011 December- Royal society of portrait painters annual exhibition, Mall Galleries, London